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Residential Heating Plate Heat Exchanger Unit

Residential Heating Plate Heat Exchanger Unit

Suitable for residential, institutions, factories, hospitals, hotels, schools and other places of heating, bathing and air conditioning system.
Product description

Plate heat exchanger units have been already widely used in the heat-exchange system of industry field.It’s production technology is more and more mature.Plate heat exchanger Unit is made up with a whole heat-exchanger equipment,including plate heat exchanger,water pump,frequency changer,filter,valve,control cabinet,meter,and self control system,etc.How to choose the plate heat exchanger unit that suit for the system technology characteristics,is the issue not only for the designer to concern,but also for the user the care of.So,in order to meet the high standard need  of clients,our team will provide design plan and technical support for your heat -exchange system.From plan designing,to producing and assembling,and let your equipment running safely and effectively.We have a strong technical team,and owns strong purchasing ability,stable price,to guarantee your profit.

Characteristics of plate heat exchanger unit

1.Professional designing

Combined with thermal mechanical,process instruments,network,and electrical control,we can make according to the hardware and software optimal design of every client, to meet their different working condition demands,

2. More stable quality     

Industrialized life,unit design,unit life,unit test,we strictly follow the ISO9001 international quality system,including design control,purchasing control,production procedure control,finished product test,and product safety control,etc.

3. More cost-effective

The compact structure can highly save plant space and cost.We have strictly tested the plate heat exchanger unit before it leave our factory,so the user can only need connect the flange,and start the machine.In this way,the user can save installing cost,and save time.

4. Easier operation and management

Humanlike human-computer interface,makes operate and management easier.Advanced and mature control system,low failure rate,little maintenance,and energy-saving operation,can really realize unmanned duty,safety operation,and remote control.


Suitable for residential, institutions, factories, hospitals, hotels, schools and other places of heating, bathing and air conditioning system. The integral heat exchanger unit can be used for water-water exchange and steam-water exchange.

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