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The Plate Heat Exchangers with outstanding heat transfer efficiency and reliability in HVAC(District heating/cooling)
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Plate heat exchanger has the characteristics of thinner heat exchange plate, larger heat transfer coefficient and wrinkles on the plate to increase the heat transfer path to enhance heat transfer capacity and reduce heat transfer temperature difference. The heat exchanger plates are made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant smooth materials to expand the application range of the plate heat exchanger. At the same time, the sealing gasket between the plates of the heat exchanger adopts an improved polymer material to increase the working pressure and temperature range of the plate heat exchanger.

With the continuous development of HVAC technology and heat exchanger technology, the application range of plate heat exchangers in HVAC design is becoming wider and wider, such as domestic hot water supply, swimming pool water heating, ice storage, heat pump System, high-rise building pressure barrier, central air-conditioning system and other various working conditions.

1. Domestic hot water supply

The requirement of domestic hot water is safe supply, continuous and easy to use. Domestic hot water is generally used at a temperature between 25-60 degrees Celsius, which is a low-temperature heat utilization. The plate heat exchanger has good heat transfer performance and has replaced the traditional container heating system in the domestic hot water heat exchange system. The plate heat exchanger has a smaller footprint, is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, safe and reliable, and more economical in investment.

2. Swimming pool water heating

In order to keep the swimming pool water clean, it is necessary to use a pump to extract the water for filtration, disinfection, and sterilization, and the water must be returned to the swimming pool. In order to balance the lack of heat in the swimming pool water, it must be treated Heating, a plate heat exchanger will be used in this process.

3. Ice storage system

The ice storage system using plate heat exchangers can adjust the power grid by cutting peaks and filling valleys. That is, the chiller is used for cooling at night, and ice is stored in the ice storage tank to meet the cooling demand of the next day and reduce the peak load of the air conditioner, thereby effectively saving energy and operating costs.

4. Ground source and water source heat pump

The plate heat exchanger is used as a separation device for the heat pump host and the open cold and heat source to overcome the corrosion of water quality to the host and other sensitive equipment.

5. High-rise building pressure barrier

In high-rise buildings, HVAC systems that use water, glycol, etc. as heat exchange media often have extremely high static pressures. Plate heat exchangers are used as pressure blockers to reduce the static pressure. The pressure is broken down into several parts of smaller pressures, thereby reducing the pressure requirements of the system on pumps, valves, cold and hot water units and other equipment, saving equipment investment and operating costs.

6. Central air conditioning system

Plate heat exchangers are widely used in the heat exchange of chilled water in central air conditioning systems. Installing a plate heat exchanger between the cooling tower and the condenser near the condenser can act as a condenser to prevent equipment corrosion or blockage , And can save the running time of the chiller in the transition season.

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