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APV Q030E Q055E Q080D PHE Plate

APV Q030E Q055E Q080D PHE Plate

Q030E Q055E Q080D Heat Exchanger Plate can totally replace the OEM products
Product description

The plate heat exchanger consists of a number of thin corrugated metal plates. The plate corrugations form flow channels for the heat exchanging fluids and provide strength to the comoressed plate pack. The plates contain ports for fluid inlets, outlets and interconnect passages as required. Our heat exchanger plate range includes different models with different thermal lengths, channel depths and channel angles. Each heat transfer plate is corrugated to various patterns to increase its strength and heat transfer area. Furthermore, the corrugation creates high turbulence and thereby achieve high heat transfer coefficient. The plate is provided with passage hole on each corner. Thus, the heat exchanger can be designed to be fully compatible with the desired duty conditions. 

Our products can totally replace the OEM products.




Product parameters


APV Q030E Q055E Q080D PHE Plate thickness


◆ 0.5~1.0mm


APV Q030E Q055E Q080D PHE Plate unit type


◆ Shallow-Dense Corrugation    ◆ Wide Flow Path    ◆ Asymmetric Flow Path


APV Q030E Q055E Q080D PHE Plate material


◆ Stainless steel, 304, 316, 904    ◆ 254 smo    ◆ Hastelloy C276    ◆ Hastelloy C2000    ◆ Titanium    ◆ Nickel


APV models


T4    H12    H17    N25    N35    N50    Q030E    Q055E    Q080E    Q030D    Q055D    Q080D    A055    A085    A145    J060    J092    J107    J154    J185    M060    M092    M107         

SR2    SR3    R5    SR6GL    SR6AG    R8GI    SR9    R10    R14    SR14AP    B063    B110    B134    B158    B205    P105    P190    TR9AL    TR9AV    TR9GN    TR9GL    K34    K55    K71




1. Q: Are you a manufacturer or trading company?


    A: We are a professional manufacturer of plate heat exchangers, plates, gaskets, plate mould with 13 years' experience.


        We supply all brands of plate heat exchanger and spares including AL, Sondex, Tranter, GEA, APV, Funke, Hisaka, Thermowave, Vicarb,etc.


2. Q: How about the payment terms?


    A: TT, West Union, Alibaba Trade Assurance service, L/C.


3. Q: What about the price terms?


    A: CFR, CIF, EXW are all available.


4. Q: How will the goods be delivered?


    A: Shipping by sea, by air, by international express like TNT, DHL, UPS, etc.


5. Q: What certificate your products have?


    A: We have ISO9001 certificate for our products.


6. Q: How to test the quality of your product?


    A: Samples are available for quality test; Or you can also pay a visit to our factory to know more about our products.


7. Q: Is there after-sales service of your products?


    A: Yes. If any problem about the product, pls just feel free to contact us at any time.


8. Q: About Heat Exchanger Plate


    A: Transferring Heat should involves bringing two substances at different degree of temperatures to each other, so that one either cools or heats the other. In a way that energy already


within the system and is transferred to another part of the process where it can used for another effect.


9. Q: How to select the plate?


    A: Heat transfer plates are supplied as standard in material grade AISI304, AISI316L, Titanium, Titanium-Pd, SMO254, Hastelloy respectively, due to its corrosion-resistance and easy



Q030E Heat Exchanger Plate
Q080D Heat Exchanger Plate
APV Heat Exchanger Plate
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